Astro to Suit You

So... What ASTRO (Artificial) GRASS is best for you...


ASTRO BOYZ have a range of excellent and exeptionally high quality Astro (Artificial) Grass  that we can recommendto suit your budget as well as your preference... Be it









We supply various types and grades of Astro ranging from inexpensive to top end, and  as such it's what is BEST FOR YOU, your budget and your requirements which is most important,


ASTRO BOYZ knowledge and experience will help you decide what works best, depending on your BUDGET, where it needs to go and the purpose.


So whether you require Astro for a small 6sqm garden or patio to a complete park or Stadium, we will advise and show you what options you have available and manage your project precisely from start to finish.

Astro Saving You Money

The BENEFITS having Astro (Atificial) Grass are plentiful, for instance:


No More MOWING your tired, dusty old lawn

No More WEEDING lawns that are probably more weed than grass

No More MUD patches or mud being walked into the house

No More POLLEN issues for those suffering with annual hayfever

No More SEEDING grass to try and rescue what's left

No More MOLES digging up the turf causing damage


Astro (Artificial) Grass is economical as youll Save Money on Water Bills, Youll not have to Seed the grass every year, the children wont turn it into a Mud patch, your pets wont ruin it, it doesnt require watering and it will last for years and years, infact all our artificial grass comes with a 10 year manufacturers guarantee.


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These Astro Images Might Make You Envious.. But Only Until You Get Yours Eh!!